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    Green silicon carbide

    Product Name: Green silicon carbide
    Trade Mark:
    Place of Origin: China(Mainland)
    Price Terms:
    Payment Terms:
    Delivery Lead Time:
    Minimum Order:
    Detailed Description:
    Green silicon carbide is produced basically in the same way of black silicon carbide except the different requirement of raw materials.It`s crystallization have higher purity and hardness.Green silicon carbide is suitable for processyng hard alloy,metallic and non-metallic materials with hard and brittle feature such as copper,brass,aluminium,jewel,optial glass ,ceramics,etc. Super micropowder of it is also a kind of ceramics material.
    Grit Size Sic F.C. Fe2O3
    20#-90# ?99.50 ?0.20 ?0.20
    100#-180# ?98.50 ?0.25 ?0.50
    220#-240# ?97.50 ?0.25 ?0.70
    F230-F360 ?7.50 ?.30 ?0.70
    F400-F600 ?5.50 ?0.30 ?0.70
    F800-F1200 ?94.00 ?0.50 ?0.70

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    Telephone: +8613598785908
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    Email: hntrml@hotmail.com

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